Quality Assurance for Strategic value
We believe that quality assurance is an organizational culture and it directly impacts customer experience. In a level playing field, ever-increasing digitalization, QATOB added a vital layer, TOB, to help customers adopt QA as a primary strategy. TOB a key ingredient to our enterprise QA practice. It combines to deliver elaborate activities designed to map your business vision that characterizes your customer delivery
QATOB strategically positions your innovation, differentiation, and customer experience.
QATOB is the Catalyst

We have already proven QA should be seen as a profit driver and not a cost driver and no longer QA should be looked as an end-of-the-line operations or an afterthought in the production/go-live process
No more cutting corners at any given stage of the product/project lifecycle. QATOB cuts through specific challenges to fuel success

Enterprise Ecosystem running 100s of business use cases are driven by many technology stacks, compliances, security and user interfaces
Using industry proven test management tool kit driven QA ecosystem, is a strategy to keep the performance bar high
Deploying a well thought through Automation Strategy and be able to measure the Velocity or Throughput of automation strategy is what we do with QATOB
With TOB, our customers are delivering to business more applications and more features quickly than before

TOB and QA come together to offer an integrated view to of your products and services in a real-life environment
We know for IT, the business is the customer for whom the IT delivers. For the business, consumers are the customers. When poor quality or a breach is discovered in the production, one of the biggest costs will be loss of customer trust. We will never let that happen when we engage
QATOB does it all
  • Centralized Test Management
  • Improved communication & team’s collaboration
  • Identify and Mitigate Risk Early
  • Faster delivery
  • Track Test Results Easily
  • Powerful Reporting with Metrics
  • No more quality managers fault
  • Happier, more productive teams
  • Increased Productivity
  • Greater professional development opportunities
  • Less complexity by manage
  • Increased New Projects Go-Live
  • Increased New Features Go-Live
  • Stable Release Builds
  • Faster resolution to problems
  • Gaining more and more customer trust for the products launched, directly magnifies the ROI of the Company’s QA investment
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